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We believe that play is a key enabler in raising well-developed children – as important to a child as food, water, sleep and parental love.
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Fun Facts:

A child's brain doubles in size in the first year, and by the age of 3 it has reached 80% of its adult size.

Quick Tips:

'Real' play does not need to involve expensive or elaborate toys; in fact these often hinder creativity and create limits to play.

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Free Range Danger

Free Range Parents may be in hot soup as the laws and restrictions of free range kids tighten over time. Read full New York Times article here.

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Four Year Old Court Dates

Let’s take a moment to remember that every day children are walking into courtrooms alone to be tried for immigration offenses… What in the world is wrong with America? Let’s find out how we can stop this onslaught of sadness. 

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Saws and Circumstace

There is a new playground in Minneapolis that has almost everything, just not the everything you would expect from a playground designed for kids.
It’s got power tools, hand saws, loose parts, glass and even a rusty old Honda !!

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